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Located in Rockingham County, Kensington NH is a phenomenal location with many amenities. This town is ideal for growing families as it offers a superb school system and is recognized as one of the safest areas in New Hampshire.

D'Agati Home Inspections proudly offers gas, electrical and radon testing to the town of Kensington NH. We have years of experience servicing the residents of Kensington and are dedicated to providing accurate and professional home inspections. Our certified company adheres to the NH State Regulations Chapter Home 100 Definition to ensure everything goes smoothly. We always encourage the buyer to be present during our home inspection so we can answer all questions immediately. At the end of the home inspection in Kensington, our home inspectors will provide you with a detailed, computer-generated report.Some of the areas that we inspect are driveways, doors, decks, stoops, porches, steps and grading.

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