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Located in Middlesex County, Boxborough MA is a beautiful area with a slew of attractions. Often times, you'll find Boxborough spelled, "Boxboro," on signs and official documents.On October 16, 2005, the Historical Boxborough Museum was erected but is only opened 7 sundays a year. A popular location for sledding and hiking is Steele Farm along with the Beaver Valley Preserve.Every June at Flerra Meadows, Fifer's Day is celebrated. This day begins with a 4 mile road race, followed by a parade and field games including volleyball tournaments.

D'Agati Home Inspections proudly offers home inspections in Boxborough MA. We go over every detail of your home including electric, foundation, garage doors, plumbing and more. We encourage the home buyers to be with us on site during the inspection process. This way we can answer all questions immediately and provide a comprehensive, computer generated report.

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