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provides the highest quality inspections possible. Our Home Inspections are in-depth, detailed, very thorough and precise, include photos and cover all parts of the home per state standards. D’Agati understands that buying a home with defects can cause future problems and cost a lot of unnecessary money. I do not sub-contract your inspection. All inspections are done by the owner Tony D’Agati. I will treat and inspect your home as if I was going to purchase it. This is my promise to you.

Although the Home buying process can be exciting, it can be very stressful and overwhelming and most people will overlook the negative aspects of the property. I will help give you peace of mind by disclosing problems and lowering the risk for costly repairs. After all, a home is a shelter, a place to raise a family and you can’t put a price on that.

For most people, purchasing a home is the largest investment they will ever make. For the most important financial investment, you want to know as much information possible about what you are about to purchase, what to expect in terms of possible deficiencies, repair work, maintenance and upgrades that may be needed. It is important to know that not every seller will disclose all problems and/or deficiencies within the home and they may not even be aware of existing problems. I will take the time needed to do a thorough inspection and provide you with an informative, accurate and detailed report. This is my promise to you.

For your protection get a home inspection before you purchase a home

In many home buying transactions it is standard practice to include a clause making the purchase contingent on the findings of the home inspection. If problems are discovered during the home inspection you will usually consult your agent or broker representing you to review your contract.

In some cases: The seller may cover the cost of repairs or upgrades needed, may split costs for repairs, credit you for repairs or upgrades, or even reduce the price of the property. If no agreement is made you may be able to walk away from the property.

Facts that reveal why you need a home inspection
** It provides you with a way out. A thorough home inspection can uncover critical information about the house and its systems, this makes you aware of what costs, repairs and maintenance the home may require immediately or overtime, if you’re not comfortable with the findings if may offer you the opportunity to back out of the property.

** Strong negotiation tool. The home inspection report presents you with the opportunity to ask for repairs to be done and/or a price reduction from the seller.

** Allows you to determine deal breakers and how much additional money or effort you’re willing or able to spend to make repairs to the home to a condition that are acceptable for you and if you are not willing to make repairs or upgrades perhaps you’re not ready to end your home buying research.

Why should you choose Dagati Home Inspections, so you don’t get stuck with unwanted repairs or upgrades that could cost you thousands of dollars after you move in. Not like other inspectors or inspection companies that inspect 2 or 3 homes a day and rushing your inspection to get to their next one, I do 1 inspection a day and take the time needed to give you an informative thorough inspection. My inspections are normally 3 to 4 hours depending on the property with a 40 – 50 page report. Final completed inspections are emailed to you within few hours after we leave the property. Not days like most companies.

But if you chose not to have a home inspection or end up hiring an inexperience low cost home inspector because you are price shopping for the cheapest inspection the decision may save you $100 or so up front but may cost you $1000s in later cost repairs.

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“Tony D'Agati inspected my home in Methuen. He was outstanding and very thorough.  I am a single Mom buying the home on my own. Tony went out of his way to not only show me any concerns but to explain why it is necessary to fix the problem.  Tony spent over 2 and a half hours answering all of my questions.  Within 2 hours he had a report with pictures emailed to me. Thank you, Tony!! I will recommend you in the future.”
– Cheryl H

"Tony is very professional and extremely thorough in his inspection of homes. He places client interests first and ensures those who utilize his services fully understand all issues associated with a property. He possesses deep knowledge and expertise in all required fields and goes the extra mile to ensure his clients are able to make well-informed decisions. Overall, I would recommend Tony to anyone looking for a very solid home inspector. In my opinion, he is one of the best in the greater Boston area."
– Joe D.

"Thanks Tony. It was good to meet you. We'll definitely be happy to recommend you to anyone we know who needs a home inspection."
– Mike F.

"Thanks for all you did today. It was a very thorough inspection and we feel more confident knowing what areas need to be addressed."
– Kevin

"Tony did a wonderful job with my home inspection. His years of experience and passion come through. No detail is overlooked and he takes his time to explain everything. I feel confident as a first time home buyer that I had Tony by my side. Even my broker was impressed by how detailed he was. Will definitely recommend in the future!"
– Krista 

"Hi Tony, Thank you so much for everything today! My husband Chris and myself were so happy to have you there taking the time to explain everything to us!! We really can't thank you enough and will definitely recommend you to our friends. Thank you for all your help."
– Vanessa 

"Hi Tony, Your the Best I want to thank you for a well done inspection, my clients and myself were so impressed with your knowledge, professionalism, the way you took your time to explain in detail the things you found without alarming them or scaring them off and how fast they received your report. I will definitely contact you again in the future to perform my home inspections. Great job."
– Julie

"Tony, Thank you very much for doing such a thorough inspection today. I appreciate you taking the time to explain things to me because this is my first time buying a home. All of this information is so helpful. Thanks again." 
– Jason 

"Hi Tony, Thanks for such a thorough inspection of the house today. I really appreciate the time you took to answer all of my questions. Thank You." 
– Rich

"Hi Tony, Thanks you for the great job at 141 Fern St. I would like you to be my go to guy for my inspections. Expect to hear from me in the near future. Thanks again."
– Luis 

"Tony, Thank you so much! I will most definitely recommend you to friends and family members. You were fabulous. Thanks again."
– Mariella

"Thank You Tony, It was great working with you today and we appreciate all your hard work, effort and insight !! Thanks." 
– Cory

"Hello, I just want to take the time to express how satisfied my husband and I are with our recent home inspection with Tony on July 1, 2008 at 10 Brook St., Tewksbury, MA.

Our inspector, Tony D’Agati, went above and beyond our expectations. As first time homeowners, we are inexperienced in how a house should properly function. Tony made us feel comfortable throughout the whole ordeal and answered all our questions.

He gave excellent suggestions to all sorts of different issues and explained it to us in a comprehensible manner. Tony’s thoroughness, personality and knowledge are an absolute asset.

My husband and I will definitely recommend using Tony to anyone who needs a home inspection."

Thank you
Bill and Melissa 
Methuen, MA 

"You have a gem in Tony D’Agati as a member of your inspection team. He was extremely thorough, took his time to inspect every area of our new home, inside and out (even in the pouring rain) explain all his findings and gave honest recommendations.

He didn’t “sugar coat” his observations and was truthful with every conclusion. This is our first experience with a home inspection and were a little apprehensive as to what to expect, but Tony put us at ease as we took “the tour” with him and gave us detailed explanations of his findings as we went along.

His superb knowledge of his trade and his gentle manner in answering our many questions, gave us a better understanding of the necessity of having a home inspection.

We would recommend Tony highly to anyone who would need a home inspection in the future. Reputable companies and their employees are hard to encounter these days and we feel we “hit the jack-pot” with Tony D’Agati. We thank you for having him on your staff and most of all, we thank him for the great compassion he showed us and his expertise in his field."

The Consoli’s 
Methuen, MA